This Week:

27 May
  • 05/29, 6:00pm: Point Park’s Dr. McInerney will be presenting “A Phenomenological Account of the School Shooting Spree” at the JVH Auditorium, Point Park University.
  • 05/30-06/01: The College Theology Society will be meeting at St. Vinvent College for its sixtieth annual convention.
  • 06/01, 4:00pm: The Pittsburgh Continental Philosophy Reading Group will begin its six-week summer program, “Get a Life!,” with a discussion of Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy of life. (Stay tuned for a pdf of the first reading, later tonight).
  • 06/01, 10:00pm: The Deleuze Online Reading Group will begin its discussion and analysis of Gilles Deleuze’s short study Nietzsche and Philosophy. This week discussion will center on the first chapter of the work.

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