Reading Group: Lingis on Bestiality

5 Feb


PCPN is excited about our Spring session, Animality: Eating the Animal that therefore I am Be(com)ing. Don’t miss our meetings (almost) every Tuesday evening (8:00pm) at the Bloomfield Crazy Mocha.

This week:

  • 02/06 – Alphonso Lingis,”Bestiality”

Pdfs of the readings can be found: HERE

Please bring either a digital or hard copy of the text with you to the discussion.

Time: 8:00pm-10:00pm
Location: Bloomfield Crazy Mocha (4525 Liberty Ave).

As a reminder, even though we have moved to thematic groups, there is no expectation that people participate in every week, so even if you can’t commit to the whole section, you are still more than welcome to join us when you can.


  • None this week


  • None this week


Upcoming in Animality: Eating the Animal that therefore I am Be(com)ing:

Pdfs of the readings can be found: HERE

  • 02/06 – Alphonso Lingis,”Bestiality”
  • 02/13 – Tim Ingold, “Anthropology comes to Life” in Being Alive: Essays on Movement Knowledge and Description
  • 02/20 – Donna Haraway, “The Companion Species Manifesto”
  • 02/27 – Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, “Cosmological Deixis and Amerindian Perspectivism” in Cannibal Metaphysics
  • 03/06 – Gilles Deleuze, TBA in A Thousand Plateus
  • 03/13 – David Abram, “The Speech of Things” and “The Discourse of the Birds” in Becoming Animal
  • 03/20 – Astrida Neimanis, “Becoming-Grizzly: Bodily Molecularity and the Animal that Becomes” 
  • 03/27 – Fernand Deligny, “The Arachnean” (excerpts)
  • 04/03 – Philippe Descola, “Metaphysics of Morals” from Beyond Nature and Culture
  • 04/10 – Eduardo Kohn, “Introduction” from How Forests Think: Toward and Anthropology Beyond the Human
  • 04/17 – Jacques Derrida – “The Animal That Therefore I am” pp. 369-397
  • 04/24 – Emmanuel Falque – “The Animal in Common,” “From the Turn to the Forgetting,” and “The Metaphysical Animal” in The Wedding Feast of the Lamb


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