Special Event: “Vignetting the Thug: Decriminalizing the Body” Punk Rock Academy, Session No. 2

22 Nov

Researcher and curious wanderer Hatem Hassan discusses “thugs” before, during, and after the Egyptian 2011 revolution and what this means for the criminalization of bodies during moments of authoritarianism, state collapse, or cultural transition.

What is the American thug? Artist Corrine Jasmin will give a performance and share visual art on the stereotyping of the Black body and violence through language. This is paired with a spoken word and musical performance by Artist MAUR THE SUN.

Feed your mind & join us for a conversational snack as we explore the question:

What constitutes the criminal body and who partakes in this ever-morphing process?

When: Tuesday, Nov. 27th at 8:00pm

Where: 331 South Pacific [around back, up fire escape to second floor, left]



Art featured in banner is “Yellow and Blue” by Alma Thomas (1959)

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