Reading Group is Back, Don’t Miss Out

4 Jun

REMINDER: Reading group kicks back off tonight, and our time has moved ahead one hour to 7:00pm


PCPN is back this summer with, GIFT // DEBT // DEATH. Don’t miss our meetings most Tuesday evenings (7:00pm) at the Bloomfield Crazy Mocha. (NOTE: TIME MOVED FROM 8:00 TO 7:00)

This week:

  • 06/04 – Marcel Mauss, “The Exchange of Gifts and the Obligation to Reciprocate (Polynesia)” in The Gift

Pdfs of the readings can be found: HERE

Please bring either a digital or hard copy of the text with you to the discussion.

Time: 8:00pm-10:00pm
Location: Bloomfield Crazy Mocha (4525 Liberty Ave).

As a reminder, even though we have moved to thematic groups, there is no expectation that people participate in every week, so even if you can’t commit to the whole section, you are still more than welcome to join us when you can.




Upcoming in GIFT // DEBT // DEATH

Pdfs of the readings can be found: HERE

  • 06/04 – Marcel Mauss, “The Exchange of Gifts and the Obligation to Reciprocate (Polynesia)” in The Gift
  • 06/11 – David Graeber, “A Brief Treatise on the Moral Grounds of Economic Relations” in Debt: The First 5000 Years
  • 06/18 – Friedrich Nietzsche, “Second Essay: ‘Guilt,’ ‘Bad Conscience,’ and the Like” in Genealogy of Morals and “On the Gift-Giving Virtue” in Thus Spoke Zarathustra
  • 06/25 – Georges Bataille, “The Gift of Rivalry: Potlatch” in The Accursed Share: An Essay on General Economy
  • 07/02 – Jean Baudrillard, “Political Economy and Death” [first half, pp 125-157] in Symbolic Exchange and Death
  • 07/09 – Alphonso Lingis, “The Rangda” in Excesses: Eros and Culture
  • 07/16 – Jacques Derrida, “The Time of the King” in Given Time: 1. Counterfeit Money
  • 07/23 – Jean-Luc Marion, “The Reason of the Gift” in Givenness and God
  • 07/30 – Jacques Derrida + Jean-Luc Marion, “On The Gift” in God, the Gift, and Postmodernism
  • 08/06 – Jean-Luc Nancy, “The Inoperative Community” in The Inoperative Community
  • 08/13 – Maurice Blanchot, “The Negative Community” in The Unavowable Community
  • 08/20 – Roberto Esposito, “Introduction: Nothing in Common” in Communitas


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