Reading Group: Marcuse on Modern Technology

14 Oct

Image result for marcuse memeREADING GROUP:

PCPN is back this fall with, DIGITAL MACHINICS, a unit on modern technology and its effect of human self-understanding. Don’t miss our meetings most Tuesday evenings (7:00pm) at the Bloomfield Crazy Mocha.

This week:

  • 10/15 – Marcuse, Herbert. “Some Social Implications of Modern Technology”

Pdfs of the readings can be found: HERE

Please bring either a digital or hard copy of the text with you to the discussion.

Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm
Location: Bloomfield Crazy Mocha (4525 Liberty Ave).

As a reminder, even though we have moved to thematic groups, there is no expectation that people participate in every week, so even if you can’t commit to the whole section, you are still more than welcome to join us when you can.





Pdfs of the readings can be found: HERE

  • 10/15 – Marcuse, Herbert. “Some Social Implications of Modern Technology”
  • 10/22 – Chun, Wendy Hui Kyong. “Race and/as Technology or How to Do Things to Race” in Race After the Internet.
  • 10/29 – McLuhan, Marshall. “The Medium is the Message” and “Television” in Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man
  • 11/05 – Lacan, Jacques. “VI: Freud, Hegel and the Machine” in Seminar II: The Ego in Freud’s Theory and in the Technique of Psychoanalysis (1954-1955).
  • 11/12 – Guattari, Felix. “Signifying Faciality, Diagrammatic Faciality” in Machinic Unconscious.
  • 11/19 – De Landa, Manuel. “Collision Course” in War in the Age of Intelligent Machines
  • 11/26 – Lazzarato, Maurizio. “Signifying Semiologies and Asignifying Semiotics
    in Production and in the Production of Subjectivity” in Signs and Machines.
  • 12/03 – Bifo. “Info-labor and ‘precarization’.”
  • 12/10 – Han, Byung-Chul. TBD.
  • 12/17 – Serres, Michel. Thumbelina, excerpt TBD.


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