Next Week: Spinoza, Ethics, Part 1

24 Jan

After a couple years of meeting virtually, we are thrilled to announce that the PCPN reading group will once again be meeting in-person. Meetings will resume weekly at Yinz Coffee in Bloomfield (Liberty Ave), Tuesday evenings 6:30-8:30pm, starting January 31st.

This month:

  • 01/31—Spinoza, Ethics, Part 1

Pdfs of the readings can be found: HERE

Please bring either a digital or hard copy of the text with you to the discussion.

Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm
Yinz Coffee, 4525 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224


  • 01/31—Spinoza, Ethics, Part 1
  • 02/07—Freud, Sigmund. Civilization and its Discontents, Chapter 1; Moses and Monotheism, Part 3, Section II.
  • 02/14—Nevo, Elad. “Mystery of one of Judaism’s most enigmatic scholars solved”; Wiesel, Elie. “The Wandering Jew” in Legends of Our Times.
  • 02/21—Rosenzweig, Franz. “God and His Being or Metaphysics” in The Star of Redemption.
  • 02/28—Scholem, Gershom. “Toward an Understanding of the Messianic Idea in Judaism”
  • 03/07—Buber, Martin. “The Holy Way: A Word to the Jews and to the Nations”; “The Silent Question”
  • 03/14—Hesehel, Abraham Joseph. Heshel, Man Is Not Alone, excerpt.
  • 03/21—Arendt, Hannah. “Introduction: Walter Benjamin: 1892-1940” in Walter Benjamin, Illuminations.
  • 03/28—Levinas, Emmanuel. “A Religion for Adults” and “Judaism” in Difficult Freedom.
  • 04/04—Adorno, Theodor, TBD.
  • 04/11—Rubenstein, Richard. “Judaism and the Death of God.”
  • 04/18—Derrida, Jacques. “My Religion” (excerpts of Circumfession).
  • 04/25—Agamben, Giorgio. “The Messiah and the Sovereign: The Problem of Law in Walter Benjamin.”
  • 05/02—Ozick, Cynthia. TBD

Pdfs of the readings can be found: HERE

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