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Reading Group Reminder: Tonight, Žižek on Hegel (part deux!)

27 Apr

This week the reading group will be taking a look at the second half (roughly p. 219 until the end) of Slavoj Žižek’s chapter, “Is it still possible to be a Hegelian today?”

Looking Ahead: Next week we will be looking at John Caputo’s “Is there an Event in Hegel?”

As a reminder, there is no expectation that one attend every meeting. If you havent been able to stop in yet or if you missed a few meetings, feel perfectly free to stop by tonight.

download pdfs: HERE

When/where: 8:00pm, Tinder Bar + Kitchen, Lawrenceville

Reading Group is Back, March 2nd!!!

21 Feb

Following a delay — caused by some shananigans finding a new reading group location — we are thrilled to announce that the Pittsburgh Continental Philosophy Reading Group is back! For the Spring we will be looking at texts related to the reemergence of Hegel in continental philosophy, with some really interesting texts (including: Hegel, Kojeve, Butler, Derrida, Malabou, Zizek, and Caputo). As per usual, no books are required, all texts will be available via pdf HERE (Zizek is not yet available, but will be well before the April 20th).

When/Where: We will be meeting on Monday Nights at 8:00pm at the Industry Public House in Lawrenceville.

Reading Schedule:

  • March 2nd – Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit – Preface (first half)
  • March 9th – Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit – Preface (second half)
  • March 16th – Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit – “Master/Slave Dialectic”
  • March 23rd – Kojeve’s Introduction to a Reading of the Phenomenology of Spirit – “In Place of an Introduction”
  • March 30th – Butler’s Subjects of Desire – Chapter 1 and “Final Reflections”
  • April 6th – Derrida’s preface to Malabou’s The Future of Hegel
  • April 13th – Malabou’s The Future of Hegel – Chapter 10
  • April 20th – Zizek’s Less Than Nothing – Chapter 4
  • April 27th – Caputo’s The Insistence of God – Chapter 6

*As a reminder, although we are going “thematic,” it is worth remembering that it is certianly not necessary or expected that you attend every week (though that would be great!). Basically, if you can’t make a week, don’t sweat it! Just stop in whenever you can. Our discussion will not presuppose that you have read all of the previous readings, only that you are interested in thinking deeply and discussing.



Next Week:

24 Oct
  • 10/26, 4:00pm – The Pittsburgh Continental Philosophy Reading Group will be discussing, Zizek’s “From Democracy to Divine Violence” at the East End Book Exchange.
  • 10/31, 2:00pm – Dr. Luna Dolezal will be speaking at Duquesne University’s Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center
  • 11/01, 10:30am – The Pittsburgh branch of the International Socialist Organization will be hosting a Socialist Day School entitled “Another World is Necessary.”