Malabou on Hegel (and other reminders).

12 Apr

First: after last week’s slog through an unexpectedly long Derrida text (my bad), we will take it a little lighter this week with a chapter out of Malabou’s The Future of Hegel, and ask: can sublation (Aufhebung) itself be plastic? In other words — and to return to the question that has haunted this entire spring — is there room for continegency in Hegel’s philosophy, or is Hegel’s thought truly the violent, dominating force that he is often said to be?

As a reminder, there is no expectation that one attend every meeting. If you havent been able to stop in yet, feel perfectly free to stop by tonight.

download pdfs: HERE

Second: this wednesday is the last day to send in abstracts or papers for the 2015 meeting of the Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences which is meeting in Atlanta. I’ll be there, you should be there too!

Third: This Friday, C.D.C. Reeve of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, will be giving a lecture at Duquesne University as part of the philosophy department’s speaker series.

Plastic Hegel… get it.

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