Reading Group Tomorrow (Monday): Žižek on Hegel

20 Apr

This week the reading group will be taking a look at the first half (roughly pp. 195-219) of Slavoj Žižek’s “Is it still possible to be a Hegelian today?” Here Žižek will attempt to deconstruct the traditional reading of Hegel, countering with a reading that emphasizes the materialism, contingency, and retroactivity at the heart of Hegel’s project. Ever wonder if you could change the past? Come on over tomorrow night, and you will find out that you can! (no time machine necessary)

As a reminder, there is no expectation that one attend every meeting. If you havent been able to stop in yet or if you missed a few meetings, feel perfectly free to stop by tonight.

download pdfs: HERE

When/where: 8:00pm, Tinder Bar + Kitchen, Lawrenceville

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