Call for Papers: The Alebrijes Online Journal of Creative Arts

10 Dec

The Alebrijes Online Journal of Creative Arts is Seeking Submissions for Its Inaugural Issue

Deadline for Spring Issue: February 1st, 2016

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis for future issues

Alebrijes is seeking work that simmers just above the subconscious. This journal takes its name from the Mexican folk-art of colorful, intricately carved figures that live, eat, and breeds on the open plains of the imagination. Alebrijes publishes pieces that open the horizons of Existence, that cross the nocturnal borders of our souls. Submit something that bores a black-hole into readers’ minds and pulls at their every thought. The Alebrijes Online Journal of Creative Arts enjoys experimentation, surreal elements, the shattering of narrative structure, the cracks within the photographic lens.

Essays can run the length of 300-7000 words. The essays we wish to publish are lyrical in nature, toeing the line between literature and philosophy. We enjoy Continental and Latin-American philosophy. We also have a fondness for aesthetics and critical theory.

Submissions should be sent as an email to Please include a brief cover letter in the body of the email that includes contact information. In the subject line please indicate which category you are submitting to in all caps (ex. ESSAY SUBMISSION).

Please visit for more information.

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