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Reading Group: The Thing!

8 Nov


Join us tomorrow (Monday) night at 8:00pm as we continue our Halloween-season series, “PHILOSOPHY and HORROR,” with a discussion of the preface and first chapter of Dylan Trigg’s The Thing.

As always, the text is available as a pdf HERE.

We will be meeting at 3929 Cabinet Way, Pittsburgh (BYOB) until we can establish a more permenant location.

As a reminder, even though we have moved to thematic groups, there is no expectation that people participate in every week, so even if you can’t commit to the whole Fall, you are still more than welcome to join us when you can.


11/12, 4:30pm: Dr. Jay Lampert, “Visual Effects and the Phenomenology of Perceptual Control” –207 College Hall, Duquesne University.


The Partially Examined Life’s Q+A and live podcast from this year’s Pittsburgh Continental Philosophy Conference (un)commons: theory and public space are now up and can be found on itunes or at PEL’s site: HERE.



10/26: Eugene Thacker, In The Dust of this Planet, Preface and Chapter 3.
11/02: Eugene Thacker, Tentacles Longer Than Night, Chapter 1
11/09: Dylan Trigg, The Thing, Preface and Chapter 1
11/16: Dylan Trigg, The Thing, Chapter 2
11/23: Graham Harman, Wierd Realism, Part 1 (pp.1-27)
11/30: Graham Harman, Wierd Realism, Part 1 (pp.28-52)
12/07: Anna Powell, Deleuze and the Horror Film, excerpt tbd.
12/14: Richard Kearney, Strangers, Gods, and Monsters, Chapter 4.


Don’t miss Dylan Trigg, this thursday (Nov. 20th) at 6:00pm

18 Nov

Thursday evening at 6:00pm, Dylan Trigg of the University of Memphis, will be presenting “On Non-Phenomenology in Merleau-Ponty,” at the Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center. This lecture is not to be missed.

Dylan Trigg is a Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellow at the University of Memphis, Department of Philosophy (in conjunction with Shaun Gallagher) and at University College Dublin (in conjunction with Dermot Moran) working on the phenomenology of anxiety.

His research includes: phenomenology (especially Merleau-Ponty, Levinas, and Bachelard); psychoanalysis (Freud and Lacan); and various aspects of bodily existence (intersubjectivity, identity, and alterity).

He is the author of the following books:

  • Topophobia (Forthcoming – London: Bloomsbury)
  • The Thing: a Phenomenology of Horror (Winchester: Zero Books, 2014)
  • The Memory of Place: a Phenomenology of the Uncanny (Athens: Ohio University Press, 2012)
  • The Aesthetics of Decay: Nothingness, Nostalgia and the Absence of Reason (New York: Peter Lang, 2006)