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Don’t miss Dylan Trigg, this thursday (Nov. 20th) at 6:00pm

18 Nov

Thursday evening at 6:00pm, Dylan Trigg of the University of Memphis, will be presenting “On Non-Phenomenology in Merleau-Ponty,” at the Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center. This lecture is not to be missed.

Dylan Trigg is a Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellow at the University of Memphis, Department of Philosophy (in conjunction with Shaun Gallagher) and at University College Dublin (in conjunction with Dermot Moran) working on the phenomenology of anxiety.

His research includes: phenomenology (especially Merleau-Ponty, Levinas, and Bachelard); psychoanalysis (Freud and Lacan); and various aspects of bodily existence (intersubjectivity, identity, and alterity).

He is the author of the following books:

  • Topophobia (Forthcoming – London: Bloomsbury)
  • The Thing: a Phenomenology of Horror (Winchester: Zero Books, 2014)
  • The Memory of Place: a Phenomenology of the Uncanny (Athens: Ohio University Press, 2012)
  • The Aesthetics of Decay: Nothingness, Nostalgia and the Absence of Reason (New York: Peter Lang, 2006)


This Week:

17 Sep

Pittsburgh is a busy place for philosophical discussion this week:

  • 9/21 – 4:00pm – The Pittsburgh Continental Philosophy Reading Group will be discussing the second half of Tom Sparrow’s “‘Realism’ in Phenomenology” come join us for some fiery discussion of this controversial text at the East End Book Exchange.
  • 9/22 – 4:30pm – Duquesne’s Philosophy Speaker Series presents a talk by Dr. Anton Koch of the Universitat Heidelberg, at the Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center.
  • 9/24 – 3:00pm – Duquesne’s theology department presents “Who is JESUS To Muslims? Who is MUHAMMAD To Christians?” a panel on interreligious dialogue at Duquesne’s “Power Center Ballroom”.
  • 9/26 – 1:30pm – Come see the first half of the first annual Pittsburgh Continental Philosophy Network Conference: Approaching the Liminal: Pushing the Boundaries of Continental Philosophy. The Plenary for the night is Dr. Tom Sparrow of Slippery Rock University. Free admission, at the Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center, Duquesne University.
  • 9/27 – 10:00am – Now come see the second half!! Plenaries for the second day include Dr. Erik Garrett of Duquesne, and Dr. Claire Colebrook of Penn State.

Conference Update

14 May

The Pittsburgh Continental Philosophy Network is happy to announce a third plenary for the 1st annual Pittsburgh Continental Philosophy Conference, “Approaching the Liminal: Pushing the Boundaries of Continental Philosophy.” Dr. Aimee Light of Duquesne’s Theology Department specializes in theology of religions and comparative theology, as well as feminist theologies. She is the author of God at the Margins: Making Sense of Religious Plurality (Anselm: February 2014), co-author of the comparative approach to Hinduism featured in Pim Valkenberg’s World Religions in Dialogue: A Comparative Theological Approach and co-editor of Palgrave Macmillan’s new series Interreligious Studies in Theory and Practice, a series which will continue through 2018 and which features her own edited volume Identity and Exclusion.

We are very excited about our diverse speakers coming from philosophy, communications/rhetoric, and now theology. A perfect contribution to a conference centered on “pushing boundaries” and interdisciplinary work.

Last Minute Notice: Ray Brassier at Duquesne Tomorrow!

21 Mar

I just found out today that Ray Brassier will be at Duquesne University tomorrow afternoon at 3:15, presenting at the Simon Silverman Center (Library 1st floor). Don’t mees this exciting opportunity to see one of the founders of the Speculative Realism movement.

This Week:

9 Mar

This Week:

9 Feb

Duquesne Women in Philosophy 2014 Conference, TOMORROW

7 Feb

Last minute Update:


This Week:

10 Jan
  • Tue. 01/14/14, The Pittsburgh Continental Philosophy Reading Group will be examining Tom Sparrow’s “Bodies in Transit: The Plastic Subject of Alphonso Lingis”
  • Fri. 01/17/14, Dr. Bucur will be presenting “From Ipseity to Kenosis: Reflections on Ricoeur’s Itinerary to the Face-to-Face” at Duquesne’s Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center
    LINK: Bucur Lecture Promo 17 January 2014

Phenomenology & Religion Reading Circle Kickoff

18 Sep

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the Phenomenology & Religion reading group. This fall we will be examining the debate surrounding the “gift,” particularly in the work of Jacques Derrida and Jean-Luc Marion. We will be meeting at 619 Fisher Hall at Duquesne, at 4:oo on Wednesdays. Hope to see you there! 

More information and PDF’s can be found here.


This Week:

29 Jul
  • 7/29-7/31: The Internation Levinas Society, will be meeting all week at Duquesne University, offering an exciting program of speakers and panels.