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Dylan Trigg Video Up

16 Dec

Thanks to a new computer and video software, Dylan Trigg’s “On Non-Phenomenology in Merleau-Ponty” is finally available at our YouTube channel here:

A Special Thank You (or Three)

22 Mar

A special thanks to Dr. Tom Sparrow, the East End Book Exchange, and to everyone who showed up last night for a great lecture and Q+A session .

Like what you heard? Pick up one of Tom’s books:

Did you miss it? Don’t worry, we’ll be having our next bi-yearly lecture next fall, stay tuned for more info.




Duquesne Women in Philosophy 2014 Conference, TOMORROW

7 Feb

Last minute Update:


This Week:

1 Oct
  • 10/01, The Pittsburgh Continental Philosophy Network will be continuing its trek through Merleau-Ponty’s The Visible and the Invisible, with a discussion on the “Chiasm.”
  • 10/02, The Phenomenology and Religion Reading Circle will be prefacing its discussion of the phenomenology of the gift, with a look at Marcel Mass’ “The Gift.”
  • 10/6, The Online Deleuze Discussion Group will be continuing through Difference and Repetition, Chapter 3.

This Week:

29 Apr
  • 04/29-05/01, The Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center 31st Annual Symposium “Merleau-Ponty Into the Future.” Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center, Duquesne University. Featuring: Galen Johnson (University of Rhode Island), Gail Weiss (The George Washington University), Laura Doyle (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), and David Abram (The Alliance for Wild Ethics)
  • 04/30, 6:00pm. The Pittsburgh Continental Philosophy Reading Group will be continuing its study of Merleau-Ponty’s “Primacy of Perception”.

This Week:

22 Apr
  • 04/22 7:00pm, the Pittsburgh Continental Philosophy Reading Group will be discussing Merleau-Ponty’s “The Primacy of Perception”.
  • 04/23 4:30pm, the Phenomenology and Religion Reading Circle will be discussing Paul Riceour’s “Philosophy and Religious Language”
  • 04/27 12:00pm, David Abram will be presenting “Wild Ethics: On Being Human in a More-than Human World”. Duquesne Library, Simon Silverman Center.