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Dylan Trigg Video Up

16 Dec

Thanks to a new computer and video software, Dylan Trigg’s “On Non-Phenomenology in Merleau-Ponty” is finally available at our YouTube channel here:

Tom Sparrow Lecture-Video Up!

2 Dec

Be sure to check out the third — and final — plenary from Approaching the Liminal, which I was finally able to get edited together, and online: Tom Sparrow’s “Phenomenology, Metaphysics, and the Speculative Turn.”

Alphonso Lingis Video Up

21 Nov

Passion — the Alphonso Lingis lecture/multimedia event that we co-sponsored on Nov. 8th — has been released on Youtube. If you missed the event, be sure to check it out!

Video Uploaded: Erik Garrett – “Husserl in the City: A Phenomenological Reflection on Childhood Homelessness”

1 Nov

For those who missed the conference, a second plenary address, Erik Garrett’s “Husserl in the City: A Phenomenological Reflection on Childhood Homelessness,” has been uploaded to youtube. Check it out!

Technical Issues Resolved – Claire Colebrook: “We Have Always Been Post-Anthropocene”

1 Nov

Following a spelling error, and a few days of technical issues (thanks a lot, imovie), Dr. Colebrook’s lecture, “We Have Always¬†Been Post-Anthropocene” has been fixed and re-uploaded. Enjoy: