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Alphonso Lingis Video Up

21 Nov

Passion — the Alphonso Lingis lecture/multimedia event that we co-sponsored on Nov. 8th — has been released on Youtube. If you missed the event, be sure to check it out!

This Weekend:

8 Nov

Don’t miss out on an awesome weekend!

  • Tonight, 7:30pm! Alphonso Lingis presents Passion, at Sterling Yoga in Dormont.
  • Tomorrow, 4:00pm, the continental philosophy reading group will be discussing Benjamin’s Critique of Violence, at the East End Book Exchange.


This Week:

10 Jan
  • Tue. 01/14/14, The Pittsburgh Continental Philosophy Reading Group will be examining Tom Sparrow’s “Bodies in Transit: The Plastic Subject of Alphonso Lingis”
  • Fri. 01/17/14, Dr. Bucur will be presenting “From Ipseity to Kenosis: Reflections on Ricoeur’s Itinerary to the Face-to-Face” at Duquesne’s Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center
    LINK: Bucur Lecture Promo 17 January 2014