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Healing Voices: Mental Health Documentary

11 Apr



CFP – Pittsburgh Continental Philosophy Conference – Approaching the Liminal

8 Apr

The Pittsburgh Continental Philosophy Network is pleased to announce that we are now accepting submissions for our first annual Pittsbugh Continental Philosophy Conference entitled, Approaching the Liminal: Pushing the Boundaries of Continental Philosophy (Sept. 26th and 27th). The conference will feature Dr. Tom Sparrow (Slippery Rock University) and Dr. Erik Garrett (Duquesne University) as keynotes. The full CFP can be found here: CFP – Approaching the Liminal (abstracts due by June 15th). Interested parties throughout the greater Pittsburgh area, and in a wide variety of fields (including philosophy, psychology, communications, theology, and sociology, to name only a few) are strongly encouraged to apply.

Network Flyer copy

This Week:

31 Mar
  • 4/1, 6:00pm – The Pittsburgh Continental Philosophy Reading Group will be discussing Jacques Derrida’s “Signature, Event, Context.” East End Book Exchange.
  • 4/5, 9:00am – Duquesne University’s Pyschology department is hosting the “Regional Undergraduate Psychology Conference: Relationships, Human Experiences, and Social Issues.” Duquesne University, 553 College Hall.
  • 4/5, 1:00pm – Point Park is hosting Dafna Rehavia Hanauer, who will be presenting “Feminist Art Therapy: Representations of Self Starving Women.” Point Park University, Student Center room 701.

What’s Up This Week?

16 Mar



Encounter Opportunity:

12 Mar

Join Pittsburgh’s own Encounter Group this Saturday at 6:00pm for an opporunity to examine yourself and others in an intense, intimate environment of psychological and existential study. The event is Capped at 14, so sign up now! Link

This Week:

15 Apr
  • 04/16, 7:00pm: the Pittsburgh Continental Philosophy Discussion Group will be continuing its discussion of selections from Soren Kierkegaard’s Concluding Unscientific Postscript
  • 04/17, 4:30pm: the Phenomenology & Religion Reading Circle will be examining Paul Riceour’s Phenomenology and Hermeneutics.
  • 04/17, 5:00pm: the Duquesne Psychology Department is offering a Philosophical Psychology Symposium “Conversations with Martin Buber and Hans-Georg Gadamer.”
  • 04/20-04/22: the Center for Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh is presenting a conference entitled “Choosing the Future of Science: The Social Organization of Scientific Inquiry”.

This week:

11 Mar
  • Pittsburgh Continental Philosophy Reading Group will revisit Trigg’s The Memory of Place.
  • The Phenomenology & Religion Reading group will be moved earlier, to 3:45, and will be joined by Dr. McCurry for a discussion of Jean-Luc Marion’s “Saturated Phenomenon.”
  • NEH Symposium (The Body and the Non-Rational in Ancient Greek Thought), Duquesne University.
  • Public lecture by Stephanie Vargo, “Criminal Realities: Reflections on Disturbed Character, Institutionalization and Altered Consciousness,” Point Park University.

Busy Week

19 Feb
  • “Narrative, Context, and Conversion: An Application o f Paul Ricoeur’s Theory of Narrative to the New Catholic Evangelization in the Postconciliar United States” Ian Murphy, Dissertation Defense.  February 20, 2013 at 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm Duquesne University, Fischer Hall 619

  • “Political and Subjective Freedom: Reading Hannah Arendt with Julia Kristeva” 

    Ulrika Björk (U of Uppsala) February 21, 2013 Duquesne University, College Hall 104

  • Duquesne University Psychology Dept. Faculty Seminar February 21, 2013 Duquesne University, 310 Rockwell Hall

  • Philosophy and Nature 7th Annual Duquesne University Graduate Conference in Philosophy February 22, 2013 Duquesne University